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Scratched camera lens of the HTC Desire

You have a HTC Desire for only a few weeks and your camera lens is already scratched?

Now there is a permanent solution: Replace your camera plastic glass with a sapphire window from Amazon (Link here)!

Unfortunately, the original camera lens of the HTC Desire is from plastic and is very sensitive to scratches.

The effects of the scratches on the image quality, you can easily test on your device:
Take a picture with and without the battery cover. You will notice the difference immediately.

The best way to solve the problem permanently is to replace the camera plastic glass with a sapphire window. The sapphire lens is very hard wearing and scratch-resistant. This gives you long-lasting beautiful pictures with your mobile phone.
You can buy a sapphire window which is specifically made for the HTC Desire at Amazon.

The lens is perfectly fitting for the HTC Desire and the installation is simple and takes only a few minutes.

On the next page is a translated installation instructions: