Installation Instructions for replacing the scratched glass by a sapphire window

You will need:

- A sapphire crystal from Amazon (Link here)

- Permanent elastic adhesive (glue) (eg. Pattex Repair Extreme 8g or silicone adhesive) of DIY or Amazon

- 5 minutes of time

1) Remove the battery cover

2) Remove the original glass:
Press with the back of a pencil against the inside of the glass and turn the battery cover a little.


3) Clean the surface with alcohol

4) Apply some glue to the adhesive surface. In order to distribute the adhesive you can use a toothpick.

5) Clean the Sapphire glass with alcohol or window cleaner. Ensure clean, grease-free hands!

6) Installing the new glass:
Carefully insert the glass and press lightly.

7) Drying time:
The drying time of the adhesive is 3-5 hours, best to dry overnight.

9) Clean the lens again with alcohol and reattach the battery cover.

Congratulations, that's it!